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Set Up

1. Do I need to have another line installed to receive calls on my 08 number?
No. We connect the 08 number to your existing number. Callers can dial either your normal local exchange number or the new non-geographic number.

2. Do I need any specific equipment to have a number or Call Handling service?
No. The intelligence for all of our services is located at ‘our end’ and therefore you just need a telephone.

3. Is there a contract term?
No, we just require one months notice.

My Number

1. What happens to my number if I am not happy with your service?
In the unlikely event of you being unhappy with our service, in 08 Numbers you have chosen a provider who are Ofcom registered and actually own the numbers that we are offering. Therefore we are able to transfer them to a new provider should you wish.

2.. How many concurrent calls can I receive on my 08 number?
You can receive as many calls as you like as long as you have the number of lines, we do have products where calls can be held in a queue.

Diverting my Number

1. How can I divert my number?
If you buy a number from us, you get the One to One Divert for FREE. This comes with a secure user ID and password allowing you to log in via the Internet from wherever you are in the world and change the destination number to which your 08 number is being routed.

2. Can I route my 08 number to a mobile?
Yes you can, calls are seamlessly diverted to your mobile, you simply pay a pence per minute charge for receiving the call. This charge is consistent throughout the range of non geographic numbers that we offer, so if your number is going to be diverted to a mobile for the majority of the time, you may want to consider selecting a Freephone number for your customers to benefit from, as your costs will be unaffected. For that reason we have created a tarfiif specifically for this purpose. 0800 to mobile

3. Can I set up my target number requirements differently for specific days of the week?
You need to purchase our Divert Plan alongside your number to set your divert behaviour against a calendar. You will also be able set up your requirements for out of hours and receive any voicemails by email.

4. Can I point a 08 number to my Skype phone?
If the Skype number starts 01 or 02 then we can point our 08 numbers to your Skype phone.


1. How long will my 08 number take to be connected?
Numbers are normally connected within 2 hours, although we do quote 24 working hours as a maximum connection time.

2. How long will my Call Handling service take to be connected?
Services are normally connected within 24hours.

3. How will I know when my services are connected?
Once your services are connected you will receive an email from Customer Services confirming this, and your individual username and password for access to your additional services.


1. How often am I billed?
We bill on a monthly basis.

2. Can I view my invoice and billing information online?
Yes you can. This can be done from the "Customer Login" area on our home page and clicking on customer billing. All information is loaded after your invoice date.

3. Are we able to pay by Direct Debt?
All services are paid for by direct debt. You will receive a bill from 08 Numbers by email, and payment is taken by direct debt 14 days after the invoice date.

4. Can I make a Debit / Credit Card payment?
Yes, by calling 0800 848 8000.

5. Are your prices exclusive of VAT?
Yes, all stated prices exclude VAT at 20%.


1. How do I cancel my services?
Cancellation requests must be given in writing via fax, email or letter, with a one months notice period after the contract period.


1. How do I listen to my voicemails?
Voicemail messages are sent to you via email, as a wav file attachment. These can be listened to using Media Player.

2. What is Live Call Stats?
It is our online call statistics system. It lets you analyse and evaluate the number of calls you receive to your 08 number(s), busy periods, missed calls, the geographic location of your callers and much more! Information is updated live every 15 minutes. This is an additional service that can be added at any time.

3. How do I access my account?
You can access your account from the Customer Login" area on our home page.' Use the username and password provided in your e-mailed welcome letter.


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