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08 Numbers provide a portfolio of telecommunications services for business that result in the following basic benefits:

  • Your business immediately benefits from a national presence and an enhanced perception of professionalism.

  • Improved handling of your incoming calls. Our products can be used to ensure that calls are routed exactly where they need to go and the rules can be as simple or as complex as neccessary.

The basics

  • Numbers are simply routed to your existing telephone line.

  • No need for set up costs, equipment or engineers.

  • You will still receive calls made to your existing telephone number.

  • If you move your number can move with you.

Our costs

Unless specified, all of our products are set up at 'our end', meaning that you don't need to have anything installed and you don't need to purchase any expensive equipment.

This results in our costs being as simple as the following:

  • The monthly rental of our services

  • Any call charges that are relevant. Go to Numbers Explained for a breakdown.

  • No connection charges. Our only set up charges would be if you require us to professionally record a message for you for one of the relevant products.

Never worry about any of the following:

  • Set up costs N/A

  • Equipment Costs N/A

  • Engineer Visits N/A

  • Software or Hardware Upgrades N/A

Diverting your number to a mobile

Calls are seamlessly diverted to your mobile, you simply pay a pence per minute charge for receiving the call.

This charge is consistent throughout the range of non geographic numbers that we offer, so if your number is going to be diverted to a mobile for the majority of the time, you may want to consider selecting a Freephone number for your customers to benefit from, as your costs will be unaffected.

For that reason we have created a tariff specifically for this purpose. 0800 to mobile

Free no obligation Analysis

08 Numbers will gladly undertake a free of charge, no obligation analysis of your telecoms requirements and advise on which of our products are right for your business.

Your Peace of Mind

08 Numbers are an established company and we fully expect to be around for years to come - That's not just wishfull thinking, we have everything that we need to back that up. We are also Ofcom licensed.

Thefefore we can afford to base our price plans on monthly rentals only, meaning that you only pay for the service while you're using it and are not risking any initial outlay.

Reliability and security

With a network specially designed for handling inbound calls, 08 Numbers has the most robust, reliable and secure network solution in the industry.


All numbers are connected within a single business day.

Call Handling services are set up within 2 business days.

Expertise and advice on demand

If you contact us, we have the expertise required to find the solution for you. You will speak to someone in the UK that understands your requirements and wants to help.

By all means enquire now using the online form or alternatively we’d be delighted to hear from you on FREEPHONE: 0800 848 8000


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