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Non Geographic Number Basics
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  • Numbers are simply routed to your existing telephone line (either a landline or mobile).

  • No need for set up costs, equipment or engineers.

  • You will still receive calls made to your existing telephone number.

  • If you move your number can move with you.

Non Geographic Numbers and Costs

All costs are shown as pence per minute.

CategoryCost to
the caller
Cost to your
business (after
Free minutes)
Rabate paid
to your
Freephone Free 2p N/A New Business

Freephone Free 2p N/A New Business

Local Rate 3p Free N/A Customer Services
General Enquiries

Special Rate 5p Free 3p Customer Services
General Enquiries

Special Rate 10p Free 6p Placing Orders
Ad Campaigns
Tech Support

Calls diverted to a mobile are charged at 10p per minute.

Presenting Your Number

If you would like to choose the digits of your number then we have various tiers depending on how memorable or attractive the number is. You can view and choose your number when you order online.

Although a number may not seem attractive at first glance, the way you present your number can make a big difference. Take a look at the choices when you order. For example 0808 221 2212 can be presented as:

08082 212 212


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