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In short

A Virtual Receptionist to control exactly where your calls need to go using an Interactive Voice response (IVR) - "Press 1 for Customer Service, Press 2 for Sales". All controlled through an online management system.


Online Access
An online management tool providing you with complete control and flexibility over your inbound calls.

Instant Updates
Any changes you make to your preferences are invoked immediately.

Your Working Week
Manage your week in order that, you can invoke different behaviour for how your incoming calls are handled, dependent on time and day.

The Receptionist
Configure the routing of your calls dependent on the caller's key pad choice.

Pre-recorded Messages
Benefit from instant access to a library of pre-recorded audio messages.

Control the overflow of each end target when the number cannot be answered by re-routing to other destinations (including Mobiles).

Voicemail to Email
If calls cannot be answered, receive your voicemails as emails so that they can be accessed wherever you can receive your email.

Out of Hours
Manage your incoming call behaviour when your business is closed.

Disaster Recovery
Invoke disater recovery with 'One click'.

Live Call Stats
Access live call data online, allowing you to manage your calls more efficiently and identify peak periods and missed calls.

Set Up & Training
We'll help you set up your plan and provide telephone training and documentation to help you maximise the benefits.

Call us on 0800 848 8000 anytime with any enquiries that you might have.


Virtual Receptionist
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Step by Step

An overview of how the plan would be set up, we will work with you to configure it to your requirements and support you on an ongoing basis for as long as you require the product.

Step 1
Your working Week
Manage your week in order that (if required), you can invoke different behaviour for how your incoming calls are handled, dependent on time and day.

Step 2
The Receptionist
Assign keys on the caller's keypad to your desired destinations.

Step 3
Control the overflow when your target number cannot answer a call by re-routing to other destinations.

Step 4
Control how any calls that cannot be answered are handled including receiving voicemails as emails.

Step 5
Out of Hours
Manage how calls are handled when you are closed, including using professional pre-recorded messages and voicemail.


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